Altar Guild

Altar Guild

JANUARY – Cindy Jasperson

FEBRUARY – Judy Kruempel

MARCH – Sharon Ihrke

APRIL – Sandra Troendle

MAY – Wendy Minnis

JUNE – Connie Boice

JULY – Marcia Reps

AUGUST – Audrey Snydar


OCTOBER – Julie Colvin

NOVEMBER – Chris Boekhoff

DECEMBER – Janet Dailey

ALTERNATE – Janice Gilbert

Altar Guild is responsible for the following:

  • Communion Set-Up (every Wednesday, 1st & 3rd Sundays)
  • Monitor Communion Supplies
  • Candle Wax (fill if needed)
  • Altar parament change per liturgical chart
  • Pew straightening and replenishment
  • Flowers (water or remove)
  • Busy Bags

If you are running low on items associated with these duties, please inform the secretaries and they will order or generate the needed supplies:  (Communion wafers, wine, liquid candle wax, yellow cards, pew envelopes, shetts for busy bags, crayons, pens/pencils).