Established 2022

The lambs, personalized with name and baptismal date by member Audra Rinard, are funded by the Mildred Feine Memorial.
Mildred enjoyed children and, especially in her later years, treasured all things soft and cuddly.
Whenever children see the lamb and give it a hug, it is our hope they remember their baptismal promises of love and forgiveness.


Bennett Jerome Nelson
Baptized Sunday, June 9, 2024
Child of Taylor and Erin Swenson
Pictured with sisters Piper and Paige

Kendyl Alexandria Olson
Baptized Sunday, March 10, 2024
Child of William and Alexandria

Mia Dee Nelson
Baptized January 14, 2024
Child of Tyler and Carissa Nelson

Owen Tod Kieffer
Baptized January 14, 2024
Child of Travis and Trinity Kieffer


Sullivan Mardelle Beske
Baptized November 12, 2023
Child of Nate and Claire Beske

Jameson Herbert Braun
Rowan James Braun

Baptized 10.22.2023
Child of Jake and Justine Braun

Ada Renee Loken
Baptized 9.17.23
Child of Matt and Brittany Loken
pictured with Ella and Vera
Leighton Marilynn Peterson
Baptized 7.23.2023
Child of Jake and Mariah Peterson
Margaret “Maggie” Spring Grobe
Baptized 5.21.2023
Child of Ryan and Haley Grobe
pictured with older sister, Harper

Piper Noelle Swenson
Baptized 3.19.2023
Child of Taylor and Erin Swenson
pictured with older sister, Paige

Addisyn Lynette and Carson Steven Sanders
Baptized 1.29.23
Children of Cole and Ashley Sanders
pictured with brother, Cayden

Braham Walter Loken
Baptized 1.15.23
Child of Kate and Ashley Loken
pictured with sister, Mayme

Jett James Colvin
Baptized 1.8.23
Child of Ben and McKenzie Colvin
pictured with sister, McKenna


Lainey Joy Kieffer
Baptized 10.30.2022
Child of Kirsten and Matt Kieffer
Leah Louise Kieffer
Baptized 10.30.22
Child of Trinity and Travis Kieffer
Nolan John Mensink
Baptized 10.30.2022
Child of Katie and Andy Mensink
Mollie Christine Adel
Reaffirmation of Baptism June 5, 2022
Baptized 8.16.2021
Child of Emily and Ryan Adel
Hazel Maureen Hylarides
Reese Olivia Hylarides
June 12, 2022
Children of Morgan and Micah Hylarides
Merrick James Soleimanpour
June 12, 2022
Child of Erin and Amir Soleimanpour

Miles Barclay
May 8, 2022
Child of Ben Barclay

Mitchell Craig Dandrea
April 3, 2022
Child of Mark and Cathleen Dandrea
Also picture is Jean Dandrea
William Charles Doane
April 3, 2022
Child of Derek and Katie Jo Doane
Kinley Anne Walters
March 13, 2022
Child of Jordan and Emily Walters
Azra James Twernbold
March 6, 2022
Child of Jim and Dana Twenbold


2021 Baptisms

McKenna Mae Colvin
November 19, 2021
Child of Ben and McKensie Colvin
Cayden James Sanders
June 13, 2021
Child of Cole and Ashley Sanders
Bristol Lynn Domke
June 6,2021
Child of Heather and Casey Domke
Also pictured Braxton (8) and Brynlee (3)
Isaiah James Hutter
April 18, 2021
Child of Jackie and Ethan Hutter
Also pictured with brother Emmitt
Greta Lynn Bloom
April 18, 2021
Child of Kayla and Brian Bloom
Also pictured with siblings Mallory, Madeline, and Grant


Mayme Kay Loken
March 7, 2020
Daughter of Kathryn Loken and Ashley Welters
also pictured, big sister, Savanna Welters