Sunday, October 29, 2023

October 10-10-23

September 9, 2023

You can purchase school supplies anywhere and bring to Faith by August 16!

May 21, 2023

Faith is supporting Habitat for Humanity by housing Americorp workers over the summer.  Cindy Thorland, Faith President, will be participating in the ground breaking ceremonies.  The community and Faith members are encouraged to attend and show their support.


The Faith community is GIVING rather than GIVING UP something for Lent.  Recipients of the items collected include our local Whitewater Healthcare Center and Hometown Resource Center; cleaning and shower soap supplies will be used at Faith and for the Habitat for Humanity/Americorp individuals who may be using Faith’s shower facilities the summer of 2023.  Monetary contributions will be donated to our siblings in Christ in Tanzania, Columbia, the U.S.Mexico borderlands, and local South Sudanese communities focusing on education and hunger.

Suggestions for items to bring to church each time you worship are provided on the calendar below.  Throughout Lent, children will be invited to bring the items placed in the aisles to the altar during offering time.