Sunday, July 21st

  • Lector: Lyle Peterson
  • Acolyte: Maddison Leucuta
  • Communion Assistant: Emma Decker
  • Offering Counters: Tom & Shelly Stowell
  • Nursery: Available but UNstaffed
  • Altar Guild: Marcia Reps
  • Coffee Fellowship: Need Volunteers
  • Ushers: Apse Family
  • Audio Visual Crew
  • Music: Nancy Steward

LOOKING AHEAD to next Sunday, July 28th 

  • Lector: Cathleen Dandrea
  • Acolyte: Owen Manley
  • Communion Assistant: No Communion
  • Offering Counters: Dan & Kris Slavin
  • Nursery: Available but UNstaffed
  • Altar Guild: Marcia Reps
  • Coffee Fellowship: Sherrill Pierce & Jan Gilbert
  • Ushers: Lyle & Joyce Peterson
  • Audio Visual Crew
  • Music: Kathy Decker

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

July 21, 2019    9:00 a.m.    

PRAYER  OF THE DAY   (Pray together)     Eternal God, you draw near to us in Christ, and you make yourself our guest. Amid the cares of our lives, make us attentive to your presence, that we may treasure your word above all else, through Jesus Christ, our  Savior and Lord.     Amen.

Scripture Reading

Genesis 18:1-15

The Lord visits Abraham and Sarah to tell them that the long—awaited promise of the birth of a child will be fulfilled for them in their old age.

Psalm 15

Lord, who may abide upon your holy hill? (Ps. 15:1)

Scripture Reading

Colossians 1:15-28

Sometimes Paul preaches with great attention to theological concepts. Here, however, Paul offers a mystical teaching, that the great mystery of God is “Christ in you.” Because Christ is present in the church, Christians share in his life, suffering, and glory.


Luke 10:38-42

Jesus uses his visit to two sisters as an occasion to remind disciples that an important aspect of obedience is singleminded devotion to Jesus and his word.



754  “Jesus, The Very Thought of You”