**Remember…if you are unable to keep your assigned date, it is your responsibility to trade with someone on the list.  Please inform the church office so we can adjust the schedule and update the bulletin.  932-3344 or [email protected].  Thank you for participating in the service of God’s people.


Month Day Acolytes
Easter 7am 12 No Service
Easter 9am 12 No Service
26 No Service
3 Ella Bakken/Marah Dorman
Confirmation 10:30am 3 Brock Decker/Ethan Hahn
10 Christopher Oberg/Marcus Rinard
17 Jessica Huinker
24 Gavin Manley/Eddie Burlingame
31 Lauren Waller/Tessa Matzke
  7 Ella Bakken/Conner Gransee
  14 Marah Dorman/Ethan Hahn
  21 Cooper Nelson
  28 Marcus Rinard/Jessica Huinker
  5 Brock Decker/Marcus Rinard
  12 Tessa Matzke/Lauren Waller
  19 Conner Gransee/Eddie Burlingame
  26 Ella Bakken/Cooper Nelson
  2 Marah Dorman
  9 Christopher Oberg/Ethan Hahn
  16 Ella Bakken/Gavin Manley
  23 Brock Decker/Lauren Waller
  30 Cooper Nelson/Eddie Burlingame
  6 Tessa Matzke/Marcus Rinard
  13 Jessica Huinker
  20 Gavin Manley
  27 Ella Bakken