Month Name
January Cindy Jasperson
February Chris Boekhoff
March Sharon Ihrke
April Sandra Troendle
May Pat Buckbee
June Connie Boice
July Marcia Reps
August Audrey Snydar
September Jayne Ask
October Julie Colvin
November Olinda Seitz
December Janet Dailey
Alternate Maureen Buytaert

Altar Guild is responsible for the following:

  • Communion Set-Up (every Wednesday, 1st & 3rd Sundays)
  • Monitor Communion Supplies
  • Candle Wax (fill if needed)
  • Altar parament change per liturgical chart
  • Pew straightening and replenishment
  • Flowers (water or remove)
  • Busy Bags

If you are running low on items associated with these duties, please inform the secretaries and they will order or generate the needed supplies:  (Communion wafers, wine, liquid candle wax, yellow cards, pew envelopes, shetts for busy bags, crayons, pens/pencils).