In order to reconvene in-person worship, it is imperative ushers are on-site to greet and seat those attending a worship service.  During Covid-19, ushers encourage attendees to maintain social distance, both when entering and exiting after service.  They offer masks to those that do not have them.  At this time, the offering plate is not passed; ushers make sure it is located on a stand in the center aisle. If communion is being offered, ushers remind folks to pick up the prepackaged elements located on the stand in the center aisle on their way into church.

Sign-up to usher as a family or as an individual by clicking on an available slot.  You will be emailed a reminder two days prior to the date for which you are responsible.  If you cannot serve on a date for which you signed up, simply exchange with someone using this same tool.

Please arrive at Faith to usher approximately 20 minutes prior to the start of service.  Refer to the document associated with this LINK for further information regarding ushering.

Questions may be directed to Pastor or Nathan Lien, Worship and Music Chair.