The purpose of the Hospitality Team is to help everyone feel comfortable and welcome.
Wear a smile even if wearing a mask.  Say hello and answer questions as they arise.
Encourage everyone to wear a name tag and write down a one-word conversation starter.
Direct those arriving to those serving coffee and treats.
Spend some extra time with visitors and bring them to Pastor’s attention so he can chat with them.
Offer a mask to anyone looking for one; the masks do not need to be returned or they can be left in the designated plastic bag to be washed.
The offering plate is not passed; do make sure it located on a stand in the center aisle.
Count attendees (including children) and record on the clipboard to the left of the wooden shelving
Please arrive at Faith to usher approximately 20 minutes prior to the start of service.
Questions may be directed to Nathan Lien, Worship and Music Chairperson or Sharon Karlman, Outreach Committee

Sign-up to usher as a family or as an individual by using this LINK, then clicking on an available slot.  You will be emailed a reminder two days prior to the date for which you are responsible.  If you cannot serve on a date for which you signed up, simply exchange with someone using this same tool.