Date Topic Study Meal Signup:  Parents provide food by 5:30 pm in Fellowship Hall.1-2 families per meal. Plan for 25-30. Date

Food items: pizza; party subs; slow-cooker tacos and fixings; chili; stews; soups; bread; lasagna / spaghetti bake; hot dogs; fruit and veggie sides with dips; assorted chips; assorted desserts.

Beverages: $1 for soda / bottled water in Library fridge, or student may bring their own.

Clean-up:  by parents after kids go to classroom.

Parent Attendance with Confirmation Students

20 times per year

Mark that you’re here either by:

Checking this line on the yellow card: I am attending worship today with my Confirmation student.


Signing the upper right corner of your confirmation student’s Sermon Note form.
Put in mail box next to Pastor’s office door.

Bad Weather Cancellations

Confirmation is automatically cancelled if the district calls off school for the whole or remainder of that day on account of bad weather. If school has a late start, we will have Confirmation that day.

In any case, Faith Lutheran Church will post cancellations on KTTC Channel 10 ( & our website for Confirmation, worship service, Sunday School, and other major church functions. Small group activities should rely on calling each other unless your group specifically tells us to post a cancellation.